The Break Down: Today's Facebook Trending Topics 4.04.2017

#1: It’s not Amy Schumer’s special.

If you’re familiar with how the media usually uses the word “teen,” it’s accurate here, too.

That’s still four Avenue stores.

…despite no one liking it.

The irony here is that Buzzfeed will also run the inevitable “cultural appropriation” article.

You can use Scruff, Growlr, and some are on Grindr, too.

Yeah, well, Jimmy could easily demolish Shaq in a rap battle.

The English have always loved Curry.

They’ve made Haley way too smart on Modern Family this season.

Oh, cool, they’re bringing back late-night softcore porno.

“Anti-Trump firebrand loses in shocking landslide”

Since it’s spun off from the original, it’ll be called That’s Less Raven.

This should be very convenient for buying counterfeit prescription drugs.

Maybe they’ll have a Pyeongchange of heart.

Like when flower shops, fashion studios, and other LGBT workplaces won’t promote the straight guys.

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