The CIA Just Released 13 Million Pages Of Declassified UFO Documents!

For Today in Conspiracy Corner we go to the Internet where the CIA has posted thirteen million pages of declassified documents on UFOs, paranormal investigations and psychic experiments online. This includes the infamous Stargate Project that looked extrasensory perception. Someone better call Eleven and the boys!

After all these years we can finally shed some light on exactly “what the government is up to, MAN!” In part thanks to the work of a nonprofit group called MuckRock who sued the CIA to get them to make the collection of documents available to the public as well as journalist Mike Best.  Best then raised over fifteen thousand dollars via Kickstarter, over a two year period in order to force the CIA to make the database full of weird government experiments accessible via the Internet. However, how he got to do so was some kind of convoluted, backhanded, bureaucratic mess. Yet he was able to WIN in a genius move.

The CREST database was only accessible to the public via four computers in the secure National Archives federal building in Maryland.  They describe the previous process of accessing the database and releasing information to the public as this:

“Once at the computers, visitors aren’t allowed to save any of the already digitized documents – instead they have to print the documents out while under several kinds of electronic surveillance. If they want to share those documents with the world at large, they have to be scanned back in and uploaded.

“Of the roughly 13 million pages on the CREST database, just over 1 million have been printed – most of which remain unpublished and unavailable to the general public.”

And since the CIA was actually paying for the paper and ink to print out the millions of documents for the Best to just then REUPLOAD to the Internet, it only made sense that they stop this madness and put the whole thing online. So while they may have been making it purposely difficult for people to access the information, he played them at their own game and won! Thanks to his efforts at combating government fuckery you can now do your own research at the CIA Library website!

Here are some highlights as to what you might find in those 13 million documents! The CIA conducted PROJECT STARGATE in 1973 where they tested psychic Uri Geller. Geller was actually a performer who had an established show as a “celebrity psychic” – so the fact that he was willing to get tested by the government is interesting (He is still a performer today.) Documents from this experiment include drawings he attempted to copy from researchers in a separate, sealed room.

Geller was so good at it that the researchers concluded; “Demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”

In addition to boilerplate UFO stuff, something super interesting was the fact that the CIA was working on a recipe for invisible ink under the heading SECRET WRITING.

With 13 million documents to explore I’m sure we will be hearing about lots of interesting weirdness the CIA was up to. Take a look; did you find anything good?

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