The Internet Destroys Trump Team Over “Alternative Facts” Comments

Over the weekend as the new administration got underway, former Trump campaign manager and current presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway set off the Internet outrage machine when she called disputed claims about the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd “alternative facts.”

It all started when the new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave his first press conference by scolding journalists for as he claims not reporting that Trump’s inauguration had “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.” The news media seemed to disagree having shared and reported images from the National Mall of a much smaller crowd.  

This issue it seems was super important to everyone. Here is the Obama 2009 crowd size Vs Trump’s crowd size pic that melted tons of snowflakes at the White House:

This incident in and of itself had the Internet ROFLCOPTERING, yet when Conway went on Meet The Press to defend Spicer’s anti-media rant she upped the game with her Orwellian “alternative facts” logic. Alternative facts? Is that like an alternate universe kind of thing?

Regardless of what alternative images were used to report on crowd sizes, Twitter had fun with these alt memes;


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