The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Ghost Face Trapped In A Lamppost

If Salem, Massachusetts, the home of the Salem witch trials wasn’t already creepy, they upped their creep game with this weird ghost face trapped in one of their lamp posts.

Where’s Ghostface Killah when you need him?

Kim Driscoll, the mayor of Salem tweeted a picture of this terrifying ghost face earlier this week. Though the photo appears to have been shared in good fun, one has to wonder if this is a ghost, who, exactly, it belongs to.


Since we’re fans of wild speculation here at Break, we figured this would be a good time to guess the top 3 potential explanations for this weird ghost face.

It’s The Ghost Of A Witch

In the 1600s, around twenty people were executed for the crime of “witchcraft.” It’s not out of the realm of possibility that this face belongs to the ghosts of one of those witches. They were killed for being different. They surely have unfinished business to tend to. They also probably hate the mayor of the town that killed them so it makes sense that Driscoll is who they would make themselves visible to. Though this is the most likely of the supernatural options, it’s somehow also the least interesting. If it’s not a ghost witch, maybe …

It’s Just A Weird Light Trick

There’s a chance that this is just the light playing tricks with the camera and the reflection is somehow making this normal light post look like the scary face of a ghost. Of the non-supernatural options, this is most likely it. If ghosts aren’t real, and the Salem witches are just dead in a grave somewhere then sure, I could see this just being light reflecting on glass in an unusual way. That sounds possible, but wouldn’t it be cool if …

It’s The Ghost of Jackie Gleason

There’s a chance that instead of being a witch ghost or a lighting trick, that this lamp in Salem hosts the spirit of famed 1950s and 1960s comedic actor Jackie Gleason. Most known for his role as brash bus driver Ralph Kramden from hit series The Honeymooners, Gleason’s ghost could be telling us that life is just a honeymoon, and that we should enjoy it or whatever. He died in the 1980s Of all of the potential options, this is the one I want the most. The one where Jackie Gleason’s soul is forever trapped in a lamppost.

Who’s ghost do you wish was trapped inside this lamppost? Sound off in the comments.

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