The Internet Ripped Into Stephen Curry’s Wife For Her Dumb Game 6 Tweet

Last night the NBA’s reigning MVP, Stephen Curry, was ejected from the finals game 6 after fouling out and throwing his mouthpiece.



This led his wife to tweet:

She would delete the tweet before the end of the game but not before it gained over 90,000 retweets.  While some people might agree with her, the overwhelming response on social media was to rip into her and her husband with a barrage of memes and replies the likes of which God has never seen (bonus points if you get what sci-fi film that’s a reference to).

Just a few examples of the vicious replies she recieved:

Of course I had to get in the mix too with my own addition so here’s my take on the NBA finals game 6:

Who do you think will win Sunday night in game 7?


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