This Girl Has 3 Legs But There's A Simple Explanation. Can You Figure It Out?

We love a good brain buster here at Break and this one might actually leave you puzzled a little longer than you’d hope. You just KNOW there’s a reason but by God it’s not as evident as you had assumed before clicking this link, hoping you’d be back from your smoke break in no time. However, this girl with what appears to be three legs might be one of the better illusions we’ve seen, especially since the answer is so damn plain to see.

Imgur user HoodxSavage posted the pic online which received 200,000 views since yesterday. And it’s not surprising why. I mean, surely there’s a logical explanation as to why this young girl has THREE LEGS! Or is there?

Check out the image for yourself, flip the card and see if you can figure it out quickly.

See it yet? No, she wasn’t born under power lines and eating paint chips leading to an unfortunate mutation. She’s actually just holding a weird pot to the right of her body. I mean, you don’t hold a pot while posing for pictures in what appears to be a sexy clown’s bedroom? That’s the new cool thing, man!

Special thanks to the internet on this one for making us think three-legged women existed for a couple of minutes.

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