This Is Why You Should Never Buy Anything From A Stranger On Facebook

A wise man once said “If a deal is too good to be true, it often is.” And if you think you’re getting an insanely good deal for a flat screen TV from some stranger on Facebook, rest assured, you’re purchasing more annoyance than comfort in that situation.

Tiara Chatman saw a 55 inch flat screen TV for pretty cheap from some random person Facebook. Holy crap, what a steal! Unfortunately for Tiara, she was flat robbed because not only did she not get what she had hoped for, she literally didn’t get a TV at all!

Here’s what Tiara picked up from the seller.

Looks pretty good AND still in the packaging brand new?! SOLD! However don’t let things like plastic wrap and stickers fool you. Whenever purchasing something from a stranger, make sure to check that shit out before handing over your cash!

Here’s what Tiara actually received. Don’t think she’ll be getting The Housewives of Costco or whatever people watch these days on this thing.

Oh good. An oak television. Those are rare!

On one hand, we kind of feel bad for her but on another hand, holy GOD how did you not know you were buying a wood board?! Unless you’re buying a television straight from the retailer, you better look inside that box so you know what you’re gonna get!

Tiara posted the two images onto her Facebook page which received over 100,000 shares. Everyone loves to learn a good lesson, especially if you’re not the one going through it! Along with the photos, Tiara wrote “Never buying shit off fb again real talk I’m bout ready to cry mfkas done gave me a big flat ass board ‘m thinking it’s a 55″ smart t.v I should’ve check 1st smh.”

That status update is pure comedy right there. No word if she actually tried to get her money back.

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