This Pink Rock Sold For $71 Million + Other Auction Absurdities

If you’ve got $71,200,000 extra dollars lying around and you’d like to blow it all at once on a pink diamond, I’ve got some devastating news: you’ve missed your chance.

That’s because this pretty pink rock just sold for seventy-one million, two hundred thousand dollars:

It’s the Pink Star gemstone, and it’s just set the record for highest price for an item sold at auction in Asia.

Look at this luxurious, pink rock—

that cost twenty-one million MORE dollars than this penthouse in Manhattan, an island for plutocrats:

What makes this polished hunk of solid carbon—

—worth six million more dollars than this Gulfstream G650?

Well, to begin with, it’s 59.9 carats. It’s pink. It took two years to cut and polish. And it’s “flawless,” meaning it has no internal occlusions, which is why this—

—costs as much as 250 of these:

Here are some other record setting auction prices:

Picasso’s 1955 painting Les femme d’Alger sold for $179.4 million in 2015. If you can’t make out all the boobs involved here, that’s because some of them were bidding on it.

This statue by Alberto Giacometti of noted child predator Slenderman, titled L’Homme au doigt sold for $141.3 million dollars to hedge fund manager Steven A. Cohen, which is perhaps the most ironic form of proof that he is very smart when it comes to handling money.

This bottle of Macallan “M” whiskey sold for $628,205. Now to be fair, it’s six liters, which is about 202 ounces, which is about 135 shots (at 1.5 ounce a shot) meaning each shot costs $4,653, which means that one chorus’ worth of the LMFAO featuring Lil Jon songs “Shots” costs $148,907.

The Bay Psalm Book was printed in 1640 and sold at auction for $14.2 million. If that’s a little out your price range, I’ve noticed that most hotels have a free bible for you to steal (then read, then learn why stealing is wrong).

Ring Starr’s personal copy of the white album sold for $790,000 dollars in 2015. Boy, I sure hope whoever bought it ends up liking the songs, since it’s basically impossible to get decent cash when selling stuff back to a used record store and then you just end up taking the store credit.


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