This Woman's Makeup Job Is Causing The Internet To Go Cross Eyed

Remember those Magic Eye illusions from the 90’s? Well this is like that, only you’ll get a headache after just a few seconds staring at this woman’s makeup job on her face. Artist Monticha Sriyoschati has come up with a way to not only make you feel like you’re drunk without spending dough on a twelve pack but also cause you to question which one of her model’s eyes are real!

Kill it! Kill it with fire!!!

Actually, that’s not some mutant that was chased into a bell tower after a photo shoot. It’s actually a model named Jbaiboon and her face is giving us a damn migraine. We assume that was the point and if so, the makeup artist should get a sweet contract with Aleve.

Of course you can figure out the illusion for yourself but it would make for a fun game to give to a drunk friend to see if they can pick out her real pair of eyes. Or possibly even a grandmother who thinks Satan will come to earth in the form of an Asian model. Better yet, take this woman to an optometrist for a new prescription, record the reaction and then send it to Break!

Monticha Sriyoschati and her monster.

Pretty cool. Now we just need proof this is actually makeup and Monticha isn’t simply passing off an alien from space as a damn Instagram model.

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