Thon Maker's H.S. Coach — Passport PROVES He's Really 19 … See For Yourself! (PHOTO)

0629_ThonMaker-Expired-Passport_twitterThon Maker‘s former high school coach believes the NBA rookie’s PASSPORT will help end the debate over Thon’s real age … so he posted it on social media. 

In the days and weeks before he was drafted 10th overall, skeptics claimed the Sudan-born superstar is YEARS older than he claims to be … and has been lying about his age to get a competitive advantage. 

But Sky Smith — one of Thon’s coaches at the Athlete Institute prep school in Ontario, Canada — believes Thon’s expired passport (issued in 2009) will prove he’s really 19 years old. 

Check it out for yourself … Smith says the passport was issued by the Australian government in 2009 — when Thon was 12 years old. It says his date of birth is Feb. 25 1997. 

Of course, the conspiracy theorists will continue to theorize … but this seems to be more solid than a probably photoshopped high school yearbook photo. 

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