Time Traveler Warns of 2028 Alien Invasion: Crazy Fan Film or Real?

A man calling himself Roman claims that he is from the year 2030 and that he has traveled back in time to warn Earth about an impending alien invasion. The video interview with Roman has since gone viral and many are wondering if it’s a poorly done fan film or real. Roman lays out some pretty interesting facts about the alien invasion and even claims that there are currently aliens already here on Earth, which he calls the “Greys” because their true name is too hard to pronounce.

So, of course this isn’t real. It’s done by the notorious Apex TV YouTube channel, which is notorious for spitting out fake and false information. Which leads us to believe that it’s a really poorly done fan film. According to Roman, the aliens, or Greys, will have to leave their solar system and have to inhabit ours after some type of disaster. In typical conspiracy fashion, Roman is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask during the course of his interview and uses a voice disguise. However, a quick glance through the comments section shows off an abundance of people who really believe Roman.

Even if this is a fan-made film, it’s really bad. According to Roman, some of the Greys are already here on Earth. And what do they look like? Obviously, the aliens looks exactly like the ones that we see depicted in TV shows and Hollywood movies. They are tall, lanky with long arms, big heads and of course the almond-shaped eyes that every alien has. They’re all in hiding right now, but they will be coming out soon to take over Earth.

When asked if the aliens were going to be peaceful or violent, Roman said that they will be both, which is pretty convenient. So we’ll get some from the Alien movie franchise along with some with the demeanor of Alf or maybe even E.T. As for an estimated time of arrival, Roman says that the aliens will be here somewhere between 2027 and 2028 and he’s able to time travel because humans have perfected it in the future. He gives no reason as to why he’s the chosen one to deliver such an important lesson, but again, this is perfect for a really bad attempt at trying to make a fan film.

There have been warnings about impending alien attacks on Earth for years and they certainly are not going to stop now. But this new YouTube video is more of a comedy than anything else, put together by some high school students and getting some attention. Or maybe Roman is really from the year 2030 and his warnings are true. We might need to thank Roman for his warnings of alien invasions in the future. For now, you can check out Roman from the future’s warning of the impending alien invasion in 2027 (or 2028) below, courtesy of the Apex TV YouTube channel.

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