Tremors 6 Behind-the-Scenes Preview Dives Into Graboid Guts [Exclusive]

Over the weekend, we received the sad news that the new Tremors TV show starring Kevin Bacon has been axed from SYFY’s impending release schedule. But all you Grabheads and Ass Blasting beasts out there need not worry. There is a brand new Tremors movie out, and today, we have a special look at the return of Burt Gummer and his son.

Graboid Guts is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to bring these monsters to life on screen, and it offers a fun dive into the viscera and yuck that makes these sequels so much fun. On hand for this special expose is star Jamie Kennedy, returning to the franchise for a second time as Travis B. Welker, son of Burt. He had this to say about Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell.

“Special effects is a huge part of this movie.”

We’re treated to quite a few shots of the giant worms burrowing through the ground, along with dirt explosions and a lot of gut soup. Director Don Michael Paul explains how the monsters have changed from the original until now, breaking down how the VFX have improved greatly over the years.

“In the beginning of the Tremors franchise, when Stan Winston was creating the rubber creature, it did a very specific thing. It came out of the ground, grabbed people, and pulled them into the mouth. The creature would chomp down then pull them under the ground. Now we live in a world of CGI. We’re freed up in terms of what our creature can do, and in terms of the levels of intensity, the physicality, what this creature can do and where this creature can go. The mandate for me was that I want this to be the goofiest, goriest one yet. You gotta go for it!”

And where it’s going this time is straight to the arctic tundra. Burt Gummer suspects that giant worms are being utilized as weapons at a research facility in Canada. He soon finds himself in a race against time to create an antidote from one of the creature’s venom to save his own life. And the adventure this time proves to be a lot of fun.

Paul Pieterse is also on hand in this special BTS look, serving as the special effects supervisor. He explains how the perfect Graboid blood is made. And he also shares how they would sneak attack actors Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy with unexpected explosions of goop and guts, completely dousing the actors in it. At one point, we even get to see the results of a double loaded canon as it completely covers Jamie Kennedy from head to toe.

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital starting today, May 1. And we can honestly say that it’s one of the funnest entries in the Tremors franchise. And it’s well worth adding to your collection. What else are you going to do this weekend? Watch Infinity War again? Come on.

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