Trump's Jets & Choppers in Limbo

1/17/2017 1:00 AM PST


0116_trump_airplane_helicopters_getty-flickrDonald Trump has a problem on his hands … what to do with 2 private jets and 3 helicopters.

Our Trump sources say the fate of Trump’s 757, Citation X and 3 choppers are in limbo. He can’t sell them because if he does it will look like he’s profiting off the presidency. Likewise, he can’t charter them out because it will open the door to criticism that he’s getting a POTUS premium.

Trump, we’re told, will not let the kids use the planes … they fly commercial and if they choose private it’s on their own dime.

And putting the aircrafts in storage poses other problems. They need to be maintained, which is a complicated and expensive process … requiring pilots and mechanics.

POTUS problems.

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