University Of Miami Students Busted In $10,000 Prostitution Sting

College is the time in life where you get away with loads of idiotic bullshit without your parents spanking you for it. Generally the punishment is a failed class or a nasty hangover, which, depending on how much of a hardo you are, may or may not fit the crime. Get so drunk you lose your shirt at the bar? Hangover fits the crime. Puke in the middle of a midterm because you decided that tequila shots were a good idea on a Tuesday night? Well, I didn’t fail the class – but I’m forever scarred by the experience, to the point where I do that thing where you’re about to fall asleep but remember something embarrassing and stay up thinking about it for the next few hours.

Like I said, punishment fits the crime.

But all of my stupid shenanigans were (mostly) legal; University of Miami students Maury Noun, 21, and Acacia Friedman, 23, found out the hard way that just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it, even when $10K is involved. According to NY Daily News both Noun and Friedman were arrested after an undercover detective offered Noun, acting as a pimp, $10,000 to have sex with Friedman and Samara Charlotin, a 23-year-old student at Florida International University. To be fair: $10,000 is a pretty good haul for one night. To also be even more fair: putting “hooker” on your resume isn’t going to help you land that summer internship you applied for.

After exchanging the money, officers waited for Charlotin and Friedman at the Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables and arrested them as soon as they arrived. Noun, however, was arrested at a separate location — “shockingly,” the kid looks the part:

Friedman and Charlotin, on the other hand, don’t look the part:

Though I suppose that’s why they’re worth $10,000 as hookers; when you look like this…

No really, this is a real hooker who was arrested. I’m not kidding. 

…the only thing you can realistically charge for sex is, at most, a McDouble. Maybe a few McNuggets thrown in there as a tip, but if it looks like you’re a Walking Dead extra who’s been drinking lead paint all your life, chances aren’t good that hooking will be a viable source of income for you.

In the end, both Charlotin and Friedman were charged with multiple counts of prostitution, while Noun was arrested for deriving support from prostitution, aiding or abetting prostitution and directing another to prostitution.

Would you take $10,000 in exchange for sex if you were guaranteed no one would find out? Let us know in the comments!


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