You’re looking at a complete (and long overdue) re-design of our site. We’ll continue to bring you the funniest videos, pictures, and articles on the net, but with faster load times and a brand-new interface built completely from the ground up. This site predates the smart phone—now we’ve made sure it looks good on one.

The latest and greatest content is right here on our home page, with improved viewability. Go full screen with ease. Like what you see? Make sure to scroll down for similar videos you might enjoy. We’ve got over two hundred thousand of ‘em—we’ve been doing this since 2003!

User submissions have their own page. Is there a video on your phone right now that you think belongs on Break? Click “UPLOAD” and send it to us! We never get tired of awesome videos—it’s why we made the site in the first place and probably why God made cats.

Try clicking around. Under “DISCOVER,” videos are listed by genre.  The menu icon in the upper right leads to our extensive archive. The videos listed under “MOST POPULAR” are—well, you can figure that one out.

We think everything is better when you’re on Break—spend some time with our new site and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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