Wendy's Made A Twitter Troll STFU In 3 Tweets

Twitter is a great place to quickly get your news, your entertainment, even updates on fast food! Regardless though of what information you might be putting out there, regardless of how positive you might be, there’s always someone ready to read your tweet and shit all over it. Wendy’s recently came in contact with someone who apparently follows their Twitter feed yet is so annoyed with Wendy’s they couldn’t help but respond to the fast food chain’s pretty simple message.

Enter the people that think every fast food chain has disgusting frozen meat. Sure, Wendy’s might have frozen meat but they also…wait for it…might not? Thuggy-D was pretty sure they had the answer and was ready to throw their epic knowledge in Wendy’s freckled face.

Ohhhhhhh snap.

Could Wendy’s meat be actually frozen and they’re just saying they store everything in refrigerators for the sake of good marketing? Apparently not! It’s been widely reported that they indeed don’t keep their meat frozen so it’s as fresh as possible. Of course if you’re still iffy on whether or not this is just a conspiracy theory, feel free to run in the back of a Wendy’s to take a look!

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