White House Jumper Arrested, Tells Cops Prez Trump Is Her Husband

White House Jumper

Busted Again, Tells Cops

Prez Trump Is My Husband!

7/9/2017 12:40 AM PDT


A White House jumper scored a triple — getting arrested for a third time, she told cops she’ll keep returning because she’s married to President Trump.

Jessica Rhea Ford was arrested Thursday, but instead of doing the fence thing … she switched it up and tried to enter as a tourist. She was caught at the visitor center where an agent recognized her from her last attempt in May.

According to docs, Ford stuck to her pattern of warning cops … informing them she was hopping a bus to D.C. — and even though a Secret Service agent warned her she’d be arrested, she persisted.

Besides believing she’s the First Lady, cops say Ford also thinks her kids are trapped inside the White House. She’s being held in custody until a hearing this week.

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