Willie Nelson Wants To Show You The Christmas Sweater Snoop Dogg Gave Him

Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg are possibly each other’s polar opposite, especially when it comes to the music industry. However, much like Paula Abdul has taught us, opposites attract. Nelson and Dogg (hey, that’s a great band name!) have been buddies for quite some time now. They’ve performed live together, hung out together and of course, get high together. That last part isn’t as surprising since Snoop, as well as Nelson, have been huge advocates of the weed industry, explaining to people that it’s been given a bad rap for many decades. Not to mention how beneficial it is in terms of medicine.

“Willie, you bring the Funyuns??”

But amongst their camaraderie in personal interests is a true friendship. And what do friends do around the holidays? Give each other gifts of course! Nelson in fact showed off his recent gift from Snoop on Facebook to the delight of fans: a lovely Christmas sweater. It looks cozy and makes us want to sit down by the fire with a plate of Christmas weed cookies while watching Frosty the Snowman in slow motion.

Nelson writes on the Facebook post; “Thank you Snoop Dogg for the Christmas sweater.” The post received over 90,000 shares and it’s not surprising why. It’s kinda cool to see those two become close friends. Two people from two very different sides of the tracks finding a connection. Now that weed is becoming more legal in more states, maybe the rest of the country will be able to get along in the same way? Christmas gifts optional of course.

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