Woman Leaves Negative Yelp Review, Called Out For Sh*tting Herself By Manager

Restaurants these days love replying to Yelp reviews, especially the more negative ones. Often enough, the managers either extend an apology or maybe just ask the customer to try not to judge the restaurant soley on that one experience. But this manager read a woman’s angry Yelp review and decided to put her on blast by saying she straight up sh*t herself and left her poo-poo’d clothes for the employees to clean up. Now that’s managerial justice!

The customer named Emma complained that she was charged for two drinks when she only had one during their happy hour. I don’t know anyone who orders only ONE damn drink at a happy hour but hey, that’s what she says.

Emma left a one star review, spoke her mind and left it at that. Not so fast though. The manager decided to chime in and told the full story for all to enjoy. He says that he spoke to the bartenders and that she did in fact order two drinks. He then goes on to say how awful of a customer she truly was by stating that she straight up SHIT herself, stayed seated…in her own shit…and then upon leaving, left her shitty underwear in the bathroom for all to enjoy. Amazing.

The manager leaves with the solid mic drop comment of “We would be happy to refund your entire bill with the understanding you will never return to any of our establishments until you are potty trained.”

Emma, still having plenty of time on her hands from not learning how to use a toilet replied by stating that it wasn’t her that left the shitty underwear in the bathroom. She saw that something was going on with another patron but claims that it was definitely not her. This would make for a great Sherlock Holmes story “The Case of the Discarded Shit Pants”.

After these Yelp posts went viral, the manager stated that he would re-investigate “the case of the discarded shit pants” and make 100% sure it was Emma who originally left the negative review. He’s pretty sure though it was her. In Emma’s case however, it’s a good reminder that sometimes the customer isn’t always right. In fact, the customer can sometimes smell like shit and should never come around ever again.


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