Woman Tries To Sell Couch On Facebook, Accidentally Posts Topless Pic As Well

Ah, the naked selfie. It’s a slippery slope, especially when you use the same device to take said naked selfie and also, say, upload images to Facebook. One woman simply wanted to try and sell her couch on the social media site but apparently didn’t pay attention to her batch upload and offered her Facebook friends a real inside peak at the seller of the sofa. Talk about a solid advertising ploy!

That’s either a hot nude topless selfie or a cry for help because those things look to be choking her.

Friends of the woman selling the sofa say it was probably just some weird way to get more attention gained toward selling the furniture but most guys can tell you if you’re busy staring at boobs, the last time you’re probably interested in is buying a damn sofa. Friends of the woman say she was left mortified and that it was purely an accident. She was selling the couch for around $340 bucks but it seems her Facebook friends are the ones that really got a good deal FOR FREE.

The post was quickly deleted by a Facebook moderator but not before the internet began to use the post as a lesson to us all. Watch what the shit you upload to Facebook! The 25-year-old is still however looking to sell her used white couch. Pillows not included.

Sidenote, The Sun had no qualms about posting the un-censored version.


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