Woman With A 70-Inch Butt Shuts Down Haters By Showing Off Her Assets

The self proclaimed PAWG (aka Phat Ass White Girl) is taking over Instagram by proving you don’t have to be a size 0 in order to build a fan base on the social media site. But Raylynn is more than a woman with curves. She’s the definition of curves by having an ass bigger than the average family’s flat screen TV. Her butt is 70 inches wide and Raylynn is super proud to show it off to her 178,000 Instagram followers.

This one is leaving Sir Mix-a-Lot speechless.

Raylynn who is also a strong supporter of body positivity uses her Instagram account to show that it’s okay to be born with a little extra meat on the bones. Okay, a barrel full of meat.

A lot of people have claimed she either photoshops the images or has had surgery to produce what we like to call the Bentley of asses but Raylynn assures her fans that she was just born this way. People also think she may just suffer from Lymphedema but Raylynn has not confirmed this theory herself.

It’s interesting because it’s literally like two women in one and if you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t believe THIS girl…

…is actually the same girl here…


Beyond her Instagram account, Raylynn has been gracious enough to give fans a further peak at her gift through the website Connectpal. Here she’s offering “new pics and vids weekly” and only for an 18 + crowd. Her site says that it’s definitely not a porn site but, well, I doubt she’s just simply going to be sending you videos of her Game of Thrones weekly roundup.

Speaking of thrones, let’s check out one more solid pick from Raylynn’s Instagram.


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