You'll Dig This Spooky New Pet Sematary Poster

The latest international poster for the Pet Sematary remake sends a creepy reminder to fans. The first big screen adaption of Stephen King’s groundbreaking novel is a mixed bag, to say the least. Some horror fans praise it as a cult classic, while others dismiss it entirely. However, the remake is aiming to be an R-rated nightmare, according to directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer. Kolsch and Widmyer also state that their Pet Sematary remake is going to be really, really dark.

The first Pet Sematary poster was pretty awesome, teasing some grave digging, but the international poster brings the darkness. We see the sign for the area with a dark and overcast sky in the background with the famous quote: “Sometimes dead is better,” which actor John Lithgow can be heard stating in the first trailer for the remake. Overall, the poster evokes the feeling that Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer were talking about in regard to the darkness of the film. Stephen King was deeply disturbed by what he had created and had to put it in a drawer for a year, which is a feeling that the directors want to get across.

Stephen King wasn’t even going to release Pet Sematary after his wife and friends told him that it was too dark. The author only put it out too fulfill a contractual obligation. In the end, the book has become one of King’s most praised pieces of work, though it deeply disturbed even him. Pet Sematary fans should be happy to know that Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer are trying to take their adaptation back to the roots of the source material, making for what could be one of the most disturbing Stephen King movies released so far.

As for the first trailer for the Pet Sematary remake, it plays out like a really bad dream. Children are seen wearing creepy animal masks as they walk into the forest, one of which is playing am ominous-sounding toy drum. There’s bloody handprints and flashes of distress, all mixed with the sound of the earth being dug up. Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer look like they are ready to deliver on their promise of a dark and R-rated take on the source material.

The Pet Sematary remake hits theaters on April 5th, 2019. With that being said, we can look forward to seeing some more creepy promotional material from the film as the release date nears. The filmmakers are going to have to live in the shadow of Andres Muschietti’s big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, which is now the highest grossing R-rated horror film in box office history. However, looking at the trailer and the latest poster, they may be strong competitors when all is said and done. You can check out the international poster for Pet Sematary, as well as the trailer below, thanks to the Paramount Pictures YouTube channel.

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